The control of solar heat and light has become critical to sustainable building design. Automated blinds can reduce energy demand for cooling by over 70% and lighting by over 50% (REHVA).

Unlike louvres, film, or fretting, automated fabric systems are retractable, so light and views can be enjoyed when the sun doesn’t shine.

For over 30 years Guthrie Douglas have pushed the boundaries of tensioned fabric technology and system design so that now almost any glass structure can be shaded with high performance retractable fabric, inside or out, whatever the angle, shape or location.


Design fabric into your building

TESS systems combine high performance fabric with a robust automated mechanism.

Fixings are easily designed into the glazing surround or facade, freeing your design from bulky shading structures or opaque films.

You will find standard system drawings and detailed specifications for each product on our downloads page. Alternatively, contact us for assistance with choice of product, fabric, and control system. Our dedicated team of engineers can assist with advice, drawings and any technical data you require to incorporate TESS systems into your design specification.


Defining performance

Early modelling of solar radiation and glare will optimise thermal and visual comfort in your building.

The overall performance of the glazing and the shading system can be expressed as the Total Solar Energy Transmittance (gtot) and classified according to EN14501. External shading systems combined with a standard glazing construction (Argon filled double glazing) have the highest classifications (Class 4) , which means less than 10% of the incident solar energy is transmitted to the interior.

Our fabrics page details the classification for our fabric range.

Leed and breeam

leed and breeam

TESS systems contribute to both BREEAM and LEED scoring systems. For example, up to 4 BREEAM credits can be obtained for Visual Comfort and up to 15 points for the effect on CO2 emissions. Up to 21 LEED rating points are available in the sub topics of light pollution, controllability, thermal comfort and energy performance.

Please contact us for any information or assistance required for your project.

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